World Happiness Report 2023 Country Wise, India Rank, Index PDF

World Happiness Report –The World Bliss Record 2023 is out and Rankings of entire nations in this world have been uncovered by the Assembled Countries Manageable Advancement Arrangements Organization. Every one of the Nations is Positioned based on numerous variables and World Satisfaction Report 2023 is ready by Columbia College and its Exploration Accomplices. In the 2023 World Satisfaction Report, nations have been organized utilizing numerous models, for example, Opportunity to Go with Life Choices, Gross domestic product Per Capita, and Wellbeing Future.

With the highest overall score of 7.8, Finland now holds the First Rank in the Whole World. Please read this post if you are interested in learning more about the World Happiness Country Wise Ranking 2023, in which India, Bhutan, Finland, Pakistan, the United States, China, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates are clearly listed. In addition, since the World Happiness Index 2023 PDF Download Link is included in the current affairs section of the Prelims Exam, it must be obvious that UPSC candidates must use it.

World Happiness Report 2023

The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network released the World Happiness Index Report on March 22, 2023, on their official website at world happiness report. This study used a large number of people from all over the world to measure things like life expectancy, freedom to make one’s own decisions, GDP per capita, generosity, and more. So we need to illuminate you that the first Position is sacked by Finland, second by Denmark, third by Iceland, fourth by Israel, etc. The table below also lets you see where your nation ranks in the World Happiness Report 2023.

In addition, you can view the comprehensive review and download the happiness index pdf from the links section. According to the Country Wise Rankings of the World Happiness Index, India is ranked 126th out of 190 countries. The table is organized beneath in which every one of the nations is referenced with separate positions and general scores so you can get to be aware of the position of your country. This post is also very important to UPSC applicants because this World Happiness Report 2023 is frequently asked questions.

World Happiness Report

World Happiness Report 2023 Details

Document name World Happiness Index 2023
Published by United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network
Published on 22nd March 2023
Factors Affecting GDP Per Capita, Perceptions of corruption, Generosity, Social Support, Health Life expectancy
1st Rank Finland
2nd Rank Denmark
3rd Rank Iceland
India Rank in World Happiness Rank 2023 PDF 126th Position
Bangladesh Rank in World Happiness Index 2023 118th Position
Pakistan in Happiness Index 2023 108th Position
Country Wise list Check Below
Article Category News
Happiness Index 2023 PDF Download worldhappiness.Report


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World Happiness India Rank 2023

The World Happiness Index 2023 is now available for download from the official World Happiness Report website at WorldHappiness.Report. Many individuals were asking with respect to the World Bliss India Rank 2023 so we need to illuminate you that it remains in the 126th Position and this is mostly because of the biggest populace here. You must first determine your nation’s ranking in this index, or rankings table, and then read its disadvantages. Unlike the United Arab Emirates and other Western nations, Pakistan does not rank among the top 100 Happiest Countries.

World Happiness Index 2023

  • The World Bliss Report is the Archive of Exploration Distributed by Columbia College in collusion with other Exploration Colleges across the World.
  • It is based on six major factors, including the GDP per capita, perceptions of corruption, generosity, social support, health, and life expectancy, among other things.
  • It was released by the university and made public on their portal at worldhappiness.Report on Happiness Day 2023.
  • Check out the rankings of India, Pakistan, Bhutan, and other neighboring states in this World Happiness Index 2023 by downloading the PDF file and then locating the ranking of your university via the link provided here or directly visiting

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World Happiness Ranking List 2023 Top 10 Countries

The Rank of the Country Name of the Country Average Life Value
Rank 1 Finland 7804
Rank 2 Denmark 7586
Rank 3 Iceland 7530
Rank 4 Israel 7473
Rank 5 Netherlands 7403
Rank 6 Sweden 7395
Rank 7 Norway 7315
Rank 8 Switzerland 7240
Rank 9 Luxemburg 7228
Rank 10 New Zealand 7123

The rank of the USA in Happiness Index 2023

  • The World Happiness Index ranks the United States of America 15th.
  • The US States’ overall score rises to 6894, while Finland takes first place with a score of 7804.
  • According to GDP Per Capita and other comparable metrics, the United States ranks 15th, placing it 15th overall.
  • America is likewise among the Top Nations that have a decent Position On the planet Satisfaction File 2023.
  • The United States is ranked 15 on the Happiness Index, based on a variety of factors.

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World Happiness Index 2023 Country Wise List

The Rank of The Country Name of the country
Rank 1 Finland
Rank 2 Denmark
Rank 3 Iceland
Rank 4 Israel
Rank 5 Netherlands
Rank 6 Sweden
Rank 7 Norway
Rank 8 Switzerland
Rank 9 Luxemburg
Rank 10 New Zealand
Rank 11 Austria
Rank 12 Australia
Rank 13 Canada
Rank 14 Ireland
Rank 15 United States
Rank 16 Germany
Rank 17 Belgium
Rank 18 Czechia
Rank 19 United Kingdom
Rank 20 Lithuania
Rank 21 France
Rank 22 Slovenia
Rank 23 Costa Rica
Rank 24 Romania
Rank 25 Singapore
Rank 26 United Arab Emirates
Rank 27 Taiwan Province of China
Rank 28 Uruguay
Rank 29 Slovakia
Rank 30 Saudi Arabia
Rank 31 Estonia
Rank 32 Spain
Rank 33 Italy
Rank 34 Kosovo
Rank 35 Chile
Rank 36 Mexico
Rank 37 Malta
Rank 38 Panama
Rank 39 Poland
Rank 40 Nicaragua
Rank 41 Latvia
Rank 42 Bahrain
Rank 43 Guatemala
Rank 44 Kazakhstan
Rank 45 Serbia
Rank 46 Cyprus
Rank 47 Japan
Rank 48 Croatia
Rank 49 Brazil
Rank 50 El Salvador

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