Toyota Prius vs RAV4 Hybrid: Which $30K Toyota Should You Buy

Toyota Prius vs RAV4 Hybrid –With the introduction of the Toyota Prius, a significant event occurred. It set a new standard for fuel efficiency more than two decades ago by getting more than 50 miles per gallon, and by the first decade of the 21st century, it was almost synonymous with the name of its manufacturer. Although the RAV4 Hybrid, a small SUV, recently surpassed it in popularity, it was the best-selling hybrid for a while.

The staggeringly critical trapdoor may have been away from public scrutiny for some time, however it’s back at the center of attention once more. The fifth-generation Prius has been officially unveiled by Toyota. This completely redesigned model not only lives up to the nameplate’s reputation for excellent fuel economy and a roomy cargo capacity, but it also has a sleek, futuristic design and improved performance. The new Prius is unquestionably better than the old one, but would we choose one over the RAV4 Hybrid?

Toyota Prius vs RAV4 Hybrid

A sport utility vehicle (SUV) is larger than a regular car, but not by as much as you may expect. The Prius’s wheelbase is 2.4 inches larger, and it’s a little longer overall. However, the RAV4 is a few inches bigger and about a foot taller. The crossover also offers more legroom in the back by 3.0 inches, but the Prius has much more legroom up front. The difference is probably quite little in practice.

Cargo capacity is the primary advantage of the SUV over the hatchback. The RAV4 Hybrid’s interior space is nearly double that of the Prius’s base model, the LE, however, the Prius’s base model still offers more space than the RAV4 Hybrid, at 23.8 cubic feet. About 500 fewer pounds are carried by the Prius.

                                                               2023 Toyota Prius XLE                   2023 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 
Wheelbase 108.3 inches 105.9 inches
Length x Width x Height 181.0 x 70.2 x 55.9-56.3 inches 180.9 x 73.0 x 67.0 inches
Legroom (front/rear) 43.2/34.8 inches 41.0/37.8 inches

Toyota Prius vs RAV4 Hybrid

Toyota Prius vs RAV4 Hybrid Details

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Performance And Fuel Economy: Advantage Prius

Performance-wise, the two Toyota hybrids are remarkably comparable. Albeit the RAV4 Cross breed’s motor is bigger in uprooting and has a 25-drive advantage, we expect comparable speed increase times given the 500-pound weight distinction. The RAV4 has a higher ground clearance and hill descent control for when you go off the beaten path. It also has off-road settings.
As a rule, a mixture’s efficiency will be preferable over that of a practically identical internal combustion vehicle, yet not all half breeds are made equivalent. Due to its improved aerodynamics, smaller gas engine, and lower center of gravity, the Prius is the better choice. Contrasted with the RAV4 Cross breed’s nice 40 mpg consolidated, Toyota’s incredible half and half hatchback could return roughly 52 mpg, or up to 57 mpg assuming that you go for the least expensive LE grade. Both vehicles have the option of having all-wheel drive.

                                                     2023 Toyota Prius XLE                           2023 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid LE

Base engine 2.0-liter I-4 plus electric motor 2.5-liter I-4 plus front and rear electric motors
Horsepower 194 hp 219 hp
Fuel economy (city/highway) 52/52 mpg 41/38 mpg

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Technology And Features

The 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system provided by Toyota is wirelessly compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Toyota’s new 12.3-inch touchscreen is available in the Prius’ highest trim level, whereas the RAV4’s largest screen is only 10.5 inches. The SUV, in any case, has a higher sound roof; The best-in-class Prius only has an eight-speaker audio setup, whereas the highest-end RAV4s may have an 11-speaker JBL setup with a subwoofer.
The middle-tier trim of the Prius is slightly more affordable than the base RAV4 Hybrid. The Prius receives broader 19-inch wheels, LED taillights, a wireless charging pad, a luggage cover, and other initial enhancements. This vehicle stands out due to its faux leather upholstery and heated power driver’s seat, in contrast to the RAV4 Hybrid, which has cloth upholstery and a driver’s seat that can be manually adjusted. In the event that you go with the hatchback, you’ll get two times as numerous USB ports (USB-C for this situation).


Toyota is known for furnishing even their base models with an extensive variety of security and comfort highlights for drivers. The Prius and the RAV4 share a few security highlights, including at maximum speed versatile voyage control, path focusing, programmed high lights, and traffic sign help when you want them.

Notwithstanding, know that the Prius, being a more up to date vehicle, is outfitted with Toyota Wellbeing Sense 3.0 (the RAV4 is viable with TSS 2.5), which elements overhauled radar and video sensors for improved low-light common identification and unrivaled path acknowledgment. The Prius XLE comes standard with vulnerable side checking and back cross-traffic alert, while in the RAV4 Half and half LE, these capabilities are extra-cost additional items.

Regardless of being a 2022 IIHS Top Wellbeing Pick, the most reduced LE variation of the RAV4 Half breed misses the mark on suitable redesigned Drove headlights. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, on the other hand, has given it a perfect five-star safety rating. The Prius hasn’t been put through any safety checks by either group.


We can therefore draw connections between them. If you have a little more than $30,000 available, the two best hybrids to look for at a Toyota dealership are these two. $31,560 is the starting price for the 2023 RAV4 Hybrid LE. Upgrades from the base model of the Prius XLE are available for the same starting price of $31,990.

Toyota Prius Vs. 2023 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Which Is Better?

If you absolutely need the RAV4 Hybrid’s higher ride height and larger load capacity or adore its higher seating position and harder appearance (ok, that Woodland Edition looks awesome), there is no reason to argue against the new Prius. For the same amount of money, you can get more features, more safety features, better gas mileage, seats made of leather rather than fabric, and nearly identical performance. We can’t wait to compare our driving experiences in these two vehicles, but we’ll be buying a new Prius first.

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