Priksha Rajasthani Web Series Release Date 2023, Star Cast, Stage App, Story Line, Reviews, When Will Be Release In 2023?

Priksha Rajasthani Web Series Release Date -“A web series called Pariksha, created by chief Vipan Malavat, has been discharge in front of an audience Application, a stage plan for Rajasthani content. The cast of the show recently spoke with members of the media at Walkers Stop Cafe in Malviya Nagar. Pariksha is set in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan and is based on the Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test (REET). The fundamental person, Chandan, and his family’s battles are depict in the show, which mirror the difficulties face by numerous families today. Through relatable characters and situations, the show hopes to make connections with its audience.

“The web-series portrays the battles of Chandan as he gets ready for the REET test with devotion and penance. The characters are relatable, and the narrative provides insights into everyday life. Mukund Soni and Bhumika Gaur, both theater specialists from Rajasthan, assume the primary parts extraordinarily well. The mother, Alisha Soni, has appeared in numerous Rajasthani and Hindi films. The dad is played by Munnaram Prajapati, known for his satire in Rajasthan, while Rajasthani vocalist Honey Officer is likewise in a conspicuous job. Other significant jobs are played by Rajasthani artist Anuj Chitlangia, Rajasthani jokester Sunil, and Jaidev Malavat.”

Priksha Rajasthani Web Series Release Date 2023

“Pariksha” is a web series made in Rajasthani language that has been delivered in front of an audience Application, a stage explicitly intended for Rajasthani content. The web series rotates around the existence of Chandan, an everyday person from the Shekhawati locale of Rajasthan, and his battles to get ready for the Rajasthan Educator Qualification Test ‘Reet’. The challenges his family faces and the sacrifices they make to support his dreams are shown in the show.

Mukund Soni and Bhumika Gaur, theater artists, play the series’ lead roles and give excellent performances. The cast also includes Rajasthani singer Honey Trooper, Alisha Soni, and Munnaram Prajapati. The series is coordinated by Vipan Malavat, who has created the series remembering the REET test. The arrival of “Pariksha” is a critical achievement in the Rajasthani entertainment world, and its prosperity is supposed to prompt all the more such endeavors from here on out.

Priksha Rajasthani Web Series Release Date

Priksha Rajasthani Web Series Release Date 2023 Details

Title Pariksha
Language Rajasthani
Genre Drama
Director Vipan Malavat
Producers Vipan Malavat
Main Cast Mukund Soni, Bhumika Gaur, Alisha Soni, Munnaram Prajapati, Honey Trooper, Anuj Chitlangia, Sunil, Jaidev Malavat
Cinematography Subham Saini
Editor Mohit Mor
Lyricist Narendra Singh
Sound Pranav
BGM Gagan Kangra
Costume Kajol Garg
Platform Stage App
Category Entertainment

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Star Cast

“Cameraman Cinematography Subham Saini, Editor Mohit Mor, Art and Assistant Directors Sahil, Manisha Jangu, and RJ Bharadwaj are among the talented cast of the web series. The series highlights verses by Narendra Singh and DI and colorist by Abhishek and Aryan. Kajol Garg selected the costumes, Pranav handled the sound, and Gagan Kangra composed the soundtrack. The series’ songs by Rahgir are beautiful. Stage App’s Mahendra Seni believes that the platform will transform Rajasthan’s film industry, and that upcoming films like Mautana, Bheem, and Vakil Sahiba will continue to highlight Rajasthani talent.

  • Mukund Soni
  • Bhumika Gaur
  • Alisha Soni
  • Munnaram Prajapati
  • Honey Trooper
  • Anuj Chitlangia
  • Sunil
  • Jaidev Malavat

Story Line

The web series Pariksha, which depends on the REET test, has gathered enormous prevalence in front of an audience application, with a complete view season of five lakh minutes in only 10 days. The achievement party of the web series was praised in the city, with the support of the chief, maker, specialists and colleagues. The chief, Vipan Malavat, uncovered that the series has been made determined to resolve the inquiries concerning the existence of the everyday person. The difficulties Chandan, the main character, and his family face while preparing for the REET exam are depicted in Pariksha.

The web series is set in the Shekhawati district of Rajasthan, and the characters have been woven into the texture of the locale’s way of life. Mukund Soni and Bhumika Gaur, the lead actors, are well-known Rajasthani theater artists who have done an outstanding job interpreting their roles. The mother, Alisha Soni, has appeared in numerous Rajasthani films. Cameraman Shubham Saini, Editor Mohit Mor, Art and Assistant Directors Sahil, Manisha Jangu, and RJ Bharadwaj, and Rahgir’s music round out the cast.

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Over 500,000 minutes of the web series Pariksha, which is based on the REET exam, have been watched on the Stage app in just ten days. Pariksha, a web series in Rajasthani, has been well received by both viewers and critics. Watchers have applauded the series for its practical depiction of the battles looked by average citizens, particularly in the Shekhawati district of Rajasthan. The story of Chandan, the main character, and his family’s struggle through the REET exam for a better future has been appreciated for its emotional depth and relatability.

The lead entertainers, Mukund Soni and Bhumika Gaur, have gotten recognition for their strong exhibitions, as have the supporting cast individuals. The series’ technical aspects, such as the music, editing, and camerawork, have also received praise. Pariksha has received widespread praise as a high-quality production that demonstrates the digital potential of Rajasthani language content.

When Will Be Release Pariksha Rajasthani Web Series In 2023?

The Stage app will release the Rajasthani web series Pariksha in 2023. It is based on the Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test (REET). The series’ exact release date has not yet been announced. The series has previously made a buzz among the crowd, and individuals are enthusiastically sitting tight for its delivery. Vipan Malavat is the show’s director, and Mukund Soni and Bhumika Gaur play the lead roles. It was written with the REET exam in mind, and the story is about the struggles that Chandan and his family face in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Expectations for the series have been raised due to the trailer’s success and favorable reviews from critics and viewers. In general, it is anticipated that the series will be a successful addition to the Rajasthani entertainment industry.

How Can I Watch Pariksha Rajasthani Web Series?

The Stage app makes it simple to access the Pariksha Rajasthani web series that you are interested in watching. Rajasthani movies, web series, and television shows can be watched on the Stage app, which is a well-liked platform. On your mobile device, you can get the Stage app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You will be able to create a free account once you have installed the app.

You can look through the app’s collection of Rajasthani content, including the Pariksha web series, after creating an account. Whenever you have tracked down the web series, essentially click on it and begin watching. From the convenience of your own device, you can take pleasure in immersive streaming and high-quality streaming with the Stage app.

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