Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 Launch Date in India 2023 , Price, Features, Specifications, and More

Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 –The bike’s white, orange, and yellow paint scheme is reminiscent of 1970s West Coast fashion. Notable California originator Roland Sands is answerable for the paint work, which is suggestive of the Ringer Cross Icon cap. Additionally, it has a flat track seat, an exhaust, and black cylinder covers. The conventional bike has an upright riding position, an eccentrically positioned instrument cluster, round headlight, and alloy wheels.

It’s generally expected information that Ducati is an impressive cruiser maker, and their most up to date model is no special case. The Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 is a pretty motorcycle that gives you a taste of extreme performance without costing a lot of money. We have tried it ourselves and can attest to its excellent features. The Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 is an excellent choice for a new motorcycle.

Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0

The Mach 2.0 Scrambler is one of six Scrambler cruisers created by Ducati. The Scrambler Icon standard model serves as the basis for the motorcycle. It contrasts outwardly from the remainder of the series, however, and that assists it with sticking out. In its original white, orange, and yellow colors, the Scrambler Mach 2.0 looks great. Roland Sands, a well-known designer from California, created the color scheme, which is reminiscent of the West Coast style of the 1970s. The black exhaust, the flat track seat, and the black cylinder covers are all customizable. Like the rest of the lineup, Ducati Scramblers have round headlights, alloy wheels, an eccentrically placed instrument cluster, and an upright riding position.

The Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 is an eye-getting bike that the organization is delivering. The Mach 2.0 is the ideal bike for anyone looking for a machine that can handle any terrain because it was designed to be as fun to ride as it is to be useful. Due to its upgraded engine and suspension, the Mach 2.0 is a serious motorcycle that will make any rider feel like a king or queen. If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle, don’t pass up the chance to acquire a Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0.

Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0

Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 Details

Name of the Bike Company Ducati
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Article about Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 Launch Date in India 2023, Price, Features, Specifications, Booking Process, Waiting Time
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Price and Variants

The BS6 model will most likely carry a price premium over that its predecessor that was sold for Rs 8.52 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi). Its direct rival in the Indian market is the Triumph Street Twin.

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Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0  Launch Date

When it goes on sale in June 2023, the Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 is anticipated to cost between Rs 9,00,000 and Rs 9,50,000 at retail in India. There are motorcycles on the market that can compete with the Scrambler Mach 2.0. The Ducati Scrambler Icon, Triumph Street Scrambler, and Triumph Scrambler 900 are among them. A Benelli Leoncino of 800cc. It will stir things up around town in India at some point in the initial not many long stretches of 2023 and is basically the same as the Scrambler Mach 2.0.

Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 Features

The Ducati Scrambler is an unconventional, essential, and simple to obtain vehicle. Its personality is a blend of modern and traditional elements. The bike’s broad handlebars, straightforward design, and straightforward motor all contribute to its goal of providing a high level of unrestricted fun. The Ducati Scrambler arrives in various flavors, including the Symbol, Exemplary, and Max speed. This year, the Scrambler Café Racer and the Scrambler Desert Sled are both new to the Land of Joy. The Scrambler Desert Sled was inspired by the off-road bikes that made American motorcycling history in the 1960s and 1970s, and the Scrambler Café Racer is a version of the famous 1960s bikes that started a motorcycling revolution.


The Scrambler Mach 2.0’s white, orange, and yellow color scheme gives it a vintage look. The variety plot, suggestive of 1970s West Coast pizazz, was made by eminent California architect Roland Sands. The Mach 2.0 was created by Roland Sands in his vision of a motorcycle that embodies the spirit of California in the 1970s. The code for it is identical to that of the widely used Scrambler platform. The aluminum handlebars are mounted low to the frame and are slim and tapered. The Mach 2.0 likewise includes dark exhaust and chamber head covers and low, factor cross area aluminum handlebars in the style of the Bistro Racer.

Handling and Performance

The Ducati bicycle is staggeringly smooth thanks to the 18-inch custom combination haggles sport Pirelli MT tires. The well-known Japanese company Kayaba produces both the front suspension, which is an inverted 41 mm system, and the rear suspension, which is an adjustable monoshock.

Engine and Transmission

A Desmodue engine with dual cylinders and compliance with Euro IV powers the Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0. The engine has a peak power output of approximately 71.40 BHP at 8,250 rpm. Similar to the previous model, it has a maximum torque of approximately 67 Nm at 5,750 rpm. The motor is connected to a gearbox that uses chain drive innovation and a 6-speed manual transmission on the bike.

The bike has the Ducati-series APTC (Adler Power Torque Plate Clutch) transmission, which has a slipper function to make changing gears easier. The Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 has a fuel capacity of 14 liters and weighs approximately 186 kilograms.

Suspension and Brakes

The Mach 2.0 utilizes an offset Kayaba monoshock with pre-load and rebound adjustments, just like the 41 mm upside-down forks on the standard Scrambler Icon. A 330-mm floating front disc with a 4-cylinder caliper and a 245-mm floating rear plate with a single-cylinder caliper provide the stopping power.

The cruiser likewise includes a bunch of Kayaba suspension parts, including 41mm topsy turvy forks front and center and a back mono-shock with movable preload. Brembo brakes, with discs in the front and back measuring 245 millimeters. The usual ABS and other parts make up the anchoring system. The bike weighs in at 186 kg and grabs a chair level of 790 millimeters.

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The bicycle’s plan was impacted by the Ducati Scrambler standard form of the Ringer Cross Icon cap, and it includes an uprooting of 803 cubic centimeters and a maximum velocity of around 193 kilometers each hour. Brushed metal, low-throw handlebars, dark depletes, a Leveled Track Ace saddle, and a cylinder head used to cover the cooling fins all contribute to the cruiser’s traditional appearance.


The colour theme is, which is created by Roland Sands, a renown designer from California, is reminiscent of the ‘70s West Coast style.

Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0 Specification

With an automatic six-speed transmission and an air-cooled 803cc L-twin engine, the Scrambler Mach 2.0 produces 74 horsepower and 68 nm of torque. Kayaba components provide front and rear suspension: Preload-adjustable monoshock and 41mm cartridge-style forks For halting power, Brembo supplies standard ABS and 330mm front and 245mm back plates. The Scrambler Mach 2.0 weighs 186 kilograms (kg) and pulls up a chair level of 790 millimeters (mm).

Engine Capacity 803 cc
Transmission type 6 Speed Manual
Kerb Weight 186 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 14 litres
Seat Height 790 mm
Max Power 71.4 bhp



Even so, there are still a lot of benefits that far outweigh the few disadvantages. For instance, the brakes are very responsive and feel great. The handling has been vastly improved, despite the fact that the engine is as responsive as it gets in this class. despite the fact that the substantial tires were not intended for serious off-road driving. You can simply stand on the foot pegs, which can be used on a variety of surfaces. This is a great way to test the waters without breaking the bank if you’ve always been interested in off-roading but were afraid to buy an expensive ATV. Consequently, it is an excellent bike for city riding, commuter riding, and light road riding.

Character, a bike’s most essential quality, is the sum of these parts. However, the Mach 2.0 lacks excitement in comparison to some of its rival motorcycles because it has enough of it.

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