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Divya Mittal IAS Bio –Divya Mittal has been Sant Kabir Nagar’s collector and district magistrate since September 2020. She held the position of vice-chairperson of the Bareilly Development Authority from February 2019 to September 2020. From April 2018 to February 2019, she was a joint overseeing chief at the UP State Modern Improvement Authority. She worked for the Uttar Pradesh government as chief development officer and sub-divisional magistrate. In this blog, learn everything you need to know about Divya Mittal’s IAS Biography, including her age, husband, caste, rank, home, family, and career.

Divya Mittal IAS Bio

Divya Mittal, an IAS officer, is from the class of 2013. The UP government as of late appointed 14 IAS officials to Divya Mittal and ten extra UP locales. She graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi in 2005 with a Bachelor of Technology degree in physics.

She graduated from the Indian Institute of Management in Banglore with her MBA in 2007. She received her micro master’s degree in 2020 after completing her edX coursework at MITx.

Divya Mittal IAS Bio

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Divya Mittal IAS Biography, Wiki, Age

Divya Mittal, an IAS officer, is a member of the class of 2013. As of late, the UP government migrated 14 IAS officials, including Divya Mittal, to ten unique pieces of the state. In 2005, she graduated with a B.Tech. in physics from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi.

She received her MBA from the Bangalore-based Indian Institute of Management in 2007. She learned at MITx on edX and procured a miniature graduate degree in 2020.

Divya Mittal IAS Husband

Gagandeep Singh, Divya Mittal’s husband, gave her the push she needed to become an IAS. Gagandeep Singh, who lived in Giddarbagh, a small town in Bathinda, was also gifted academically. He started his education right here in Punjab. was an engineering student who got married and started working with Divya. Gagandeep had previously worked in Singapore and other locations. Regardless of the way that Gagandeep didn’t feel comfortable, Divya illuminates him that there was huge amount of cash abroad. He asked them to return to India because it was hard to leave a good job.

Both agreed that they would carry out their actions in their respective nations after extensive discussion. They then both went to Delhi to start getting ready for the IAS. Divya says that neither she nor Gagandeep at any point showed anybody how to turn into an IAS. studied at home. Gagandeep finished the IAS test in 2011, and she did so again in 2012. Both are IAS in the UP cadre. As an IAS Allied, Gagandeep Singh’s husband is employed by the Indian government in Kanpur.

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Divya Mittal IAS Family

In spite of the fact that she was brought into the world in Delhi, Divya Mittal presently dwells in Rewari, Haryana. Her parents’ professional information and names are unknown. Her two sisters’ names are unknown.

IAS Divya Mittal Age, Rank

Starting around 2022, Divya Mittal is 39 years of age. On her third endeavor, she scored 68th in the CSE 2012 test. After placing 332nd in CSE 2010 on her first attempt, she finished 134th in CSE 2011 on her second attempt.

IAS Officer Divya Mittal Offers Advice to UPSC Candidates on How to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused

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IAS Divya mittal share tips for upsc

Every person who wants to take the Civil Service Exam (CSE), which is given by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), knows how important it is to stay focused while they are studying. This, as a rule, is surprisingly troublesome. To pass the UPSC CSE, students must also be patient and determined. Numerous aspirants have previously mentioned experiencing mental pressure and stress as they prepare for the same. Divya Mittal, an officer in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), has survived the odds.

In addition to the UPSC CSE, she was successful on the entrance exams for the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). The IAS official took to Twitter and posted a string on how understudies can keep on track and stay away from interruptions during the planning ease with an end goal to help common assistance candidates. Through her official Twitter handle, she made the following public disclosures:

Reduce Mobile Usage & Modify Study Session

IAS Mittal made it clear in her post that understudies ought to restrict their utilization of cell phones during readiness. This can be accomplished by measuring how much time a person spends without using their phone while studying. She also suggested a program that blocks access to the internet for six hours a day.

The IAS official added that concentrating early has various benefits and further develops learning productivity. She continued by stating that there are fewer distractions in the morning, which may increase productivity. She additionally accepts that short review meetings of 90 to 120 minutes are essential, with 15-minute in the middle between. The level of stress experienced by students decreases, and their capacity for learning increases.

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Improve Focus & Exercise Daily

IAS Mittal proposes that understudies ought to invest some energy every day focusing on a solitary item, which could be anything. She also suggests that students listen to 40-Hz binaural beats, which can be found on video streaming platforms and may assist students in concentrating more effectively. Furthermore, the IAS official accentuated the meaning of standard activity and nutritious dinners. ” She suggested taking a walk for at least 20 minutes, preferably outside. To get closer to nature, walk or sit in a park. Additionally, take advantage of the sun, even if only for five to ten minutes.

She fostered these methodologies all alone to make progress. She trusts that by imparting the master counsel to the understudies, the applicants will actually want to defeat hindrances during their readiness.

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